Clutch Master Cylinder Repairs

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Master Cylinder Replacement

Hydraulic Clutch Operation

Clutch and Gearbox - Power Transmission
A clutch helps control the transfer of power from the engine to the drive wheels

Hydraulic Fluid instead of Mechanical Linkages
Clutch fluid travels in hydraulic pipes between the clutch master cylinder (controlled by the clutch pedal) and the clutch slave cylinder responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutch components

Clutch Pedal and Piston Power
Depressing the clutch pedal operates a piston in the master cylinder that forces hydraulic clutch fluid under pressure into the slave cylinder to operate the clutch plate mechanism and transfer drive power

Hydraulic Fluid - Air Bubbles & Leaks

Leaking pipes and seals
When there is insufficient fluid in the hydraulic system or reservoir; then pressing the clutch pedal may not fully engage/disengage the clutch making gear change difficult leave the car stuck in gear

Air bubbles
Unlike loss of fluid; air bubbles in the hydraulic system may still allow the clutch to operate but the clutch pedal may seem spongy as the air will compress preventing correct clutch operation