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Gearbox Servicing and Repair

How The Gearbox Works

Clutch and Gearbox Relationship
While the clutch system helps engage and disengage the engine and power from the drive wheels; the gearbox is responsible for applying that power at a suitable torque to maintain the driving wheels in motion via a series of gears

Crankshafts, Driveshafts and Differentials
In most cars, the gearbox is usually connected to the engine via the crankshaft while power output from the gearbox or transmission is passed via a driveshaft to one or more differentials which in turn supply power to the wheels in front,rear or 4x4 drive systems

Manual Gearboxes

Cars with manual gearboxes rely on the driver to control gearchanges using a 4,5,6 or 7 speed plus reverse gearbox
The driver must disengage power via the clutch to enable smooth gearchanges: typically using a gear lever with a mechanical or electronic linkage the gears are selected by sliding gearswheels along a shaft from one position to another

Manual Gearbox Services

Gearbox repairs vary from servicing and reseating the existing gearbox, finding a suitable reconditioned gearbox to fitting a new gearbox unit

Automatic Gearboxes

Automatic gearbox transmissions use complicated planetary gear sets that never actually move position like a manual gearbox
Planetary Gears
A sun gear or central gear, a ring gear and two or more planetary gears remain in constant mesh
The planet gears connect via common carrier enabling the gears to spin on shafts called pinions that are connected to the carrier

Automatic Gearbox Services

Modern computer controlled multispeed gearboxes are highly complex electro mechanical devices with computer controlled gearchanges; some problems can be identified using modern diagnostic teting equipment